Neil Alden Armstorng by David

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    Hello my name is Neil Alden Armtrong. I was borth on the fifth of August  in 1930, in Wakaponeta, Ohio,United States.

    I took part in the misión Moon-landing Apolo eleven in July of 1969. We travelled to the moon for exploring and returned to the Earth.

    My father was Stephen Koening Armstrong and my mother was Viola Louise Engel . I had two sisters they were called June and Dean. On july 20, 1936, with five years of age, i experienced my first flight in Warren, Ohio. In 1947, when i was seventeen years old, i began to study aeronautical engineering in the university Purdue.

    I was a commander of the misión Moon-landing Apolo eleven in july of 1969 together with my partners Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins that wait for me and Collins in the lunar orbit on board of the module of control.

    Moon-landing got many prizes for the misión Apolo eleven . Together with my partners Aldrin and Collins we received together the Meadal of Presencial Gold of the Fredon for the president Richard Nixon.

    I died in the 25 of August in a hospital.

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