Sancho Ramirez

    Author: LA CLASE DE MARIA 15 Genre: »

    Hello my name is Sancho Ramirez,king of Aragon.I was born in Aragon in 1043.My fathers was Ramiro I the king of Aragon .
         I was also king of Navarre because my cossikg,Sancho Garces IV,was assinated during a hunting,and the navarres chose me to protect them.
         I was vassal of the pope Alexander II and I fought in the crusade of Rome.During my reign in Aragon (since 1063 to 1094) I increased its territory withe the addition of Monzon,Albacete de cinca,Zaidin,Almenar,...chose Jaca like the capital of the reign and I built castles like Montearagon.
       I died on fouth of juny in 1094 ,while I was walking around the walls of Huesca(during its beging)and I was wounded by an arrow.Finally my son Pedro I was conquered Huesca from the arabs.

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