Federico García Lorca by Oscar

    Author: LA CLASE DE MARIA 15 Genre: »

    Hello I am Federico García Lorca. I was born the fifth of June on 1898 in Cowboy Fountain, Granada, Spain. I was a poet, playwright, artista and music.
    I have 1 brother and two sisters called Francisco, Concha and Isabel. My father was called Federico García Rodríguez and my mother Vicenta Lorca Romero.
    In 1919-1928 I go to study to Madrid and there I met Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel and Rafael Alberti.
    Some important events are when I won the internacional prize of Granada and when I met Maria Luisa Natera.
    I died on a assassination the 18 of August on 1936 so I liveds 38 years in the war road Viznar to Alfacar, Granada, Epaña.

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