Juana la Loca by Andrea

    Author: LA CLASE DE MARIA 15 Genre: »

    My name is Juana la loca , I was born on 26 of novembar in1479 I was born in Toledo ,
    I am famousbecause I was the queen of Castilla from 1506.

    My mother was called Isabel and my father was called Fernanado , I hade 6 children that
    were Carlos, Leonor, Fernando, Catalina, Maria and Isabel, and my husband is Felipe

    I married with my husband and we joined two kingdoms together castilla ,
    Aragón and Austria.

    When my husband died I bacame the queen of Castilla , Aragon and Austria but I was
    completely crazy  and my father locked me in Tordillesa for 46 years.

    And y died the 12 of April in 1555.

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