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        I am Juan Ramón Jiménez.

        I was born on the 23rd of  December of 1881, in Moguer, Huelva. I am famous becouse I wrote Platero y Yo, Poesias Escogidas, Romances De Coral etc. and I won a Nobel Prize.

        My father is Victor Jiménez and my mother is Purificación Mantecón, they enganged in trade of wine, I lived in Morguer and I studied in Seville, in Madrid I met other famous writers and I also lived in Puerto Rico.

        I wrote many books two of those are Platero y Yo and Romances de Coral. I sold one million of books of Platero y Yo. And it has been translated into many languages.

        I won a Nobel Prise of Literature, I won it in 1956 be Platero y Yo.

        I died on 29 th of May of 1958 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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