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    My name is Francisco José de Goya and Lucientes. I was born on thirtieth of March in seventeen forty-six. I was a painter, an illustrator, a designer, a cartooonist ... and people tell I was the father of Modern Art.

    I was born in Fuendetodos, a small village near Saragossa (Aragon). I had two sisters and three brothers.

    I got married with Josefa Bayeu and Subías . We had eight children but only one of my sons survived to adulthood, Xavier.

    When  I was fourteen years old I began studying painting with José Luzán, I only copied pictures. Then I went to Italy to continue my studies of Art. Later I came back Spain and I started to work with brothers Bayeu in their studio in Madrid.

    I painted parts of the cupola of the Cathedral of Pilar and a cycle of frescoes in the monastic church of the chaterhouse of Aula Dei in Saragossa.

    I designed cartoons for the Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid and I was a court painter and published ¨King Charles IV  family¨, ¨The naked Maja¨,¨The Clothed Maja¨...

    I became completely deaf after a serious illnes in 1792, I published ¨The Caprichos¨.

    During the Napoleonic invasion and the Spanish war of Independence I served as a french court painter in 1814 I painted ¨The third of may ¨. In 1816 I published ¨Tauromaquia¨ and ¨The disparates¨.

    Finally, I died on sixteenth of April in eighteen twenty-eight in Bordeux, France because I went into  a voluntary

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