Charlie Chaplin by Roland

    Author: LA CLASE DE MARIA 15 Genre: »

    My name is Charlie Chaplin but all the people called my Charlot.
    I was born on 16 April 1889 in London, East Lane.
    My family life was very difficult because I was very poor. My father called Charles  was a music-hall singer, he left my family when I was very small. My mother, Hannah, loved acting, she was an actress, but she had a mental problem and she needed to be in the hospital.  I needed to work in a factory. My mother  taught me mime.
    Then  I lived in an orphanage with my stepbrother.
    One day when I was acting a very important person contracted me. I needed to go to USA where I acted in a lot of films.
    ¡I was a great mime! I was famous because I am one of the most important actors ever.
    The important events of my life are my films. Some of my fims are: The Kid, Modern Times, The Big Dictator, The Circus, etc.
    With my films I made a lot of people happy.
    I died in Vevey on 25 december of 1977

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